Why I work with business owners to manage their money and their mindset!

Meet Amy Bett from Lady without Limits we will be discussing why and how she implemented Profit First into her own business, and why she now recommends it to her clients.

During our chat, Amy shared some candid insights from her own experience of implementing Profit First. Including:

  • Her mind-blowing reaction to the percentage table blueprint
  • Helping her clients with their money mindset
  • How Profit First has provided financial clarity to her and her clients
  • How the Profit First strategy enables you to set targets and reach goals, by filling those buckets

If you enjoyed hearing about Amy’s Profit First story, be sure to also check one of our other Facebook lives with Karyn Parkinson, where she tells us how Profit First enabled her to pay back a $50,000 debt to the ATO

Originally published at https://www.profitfirstaustralia.com.au on May 25th 2022.



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